Finding talent is our passion


UX-house is a company made out of love and respect for the recruitment industry. From our office in Amsterdam we are here to consult, advise and connect creative professionals with modern business needs.


We are here to pursue our goals by helping companies and people grow. To connect talent with progressive companies we honor our dreams and ambitions.


UX-house is not only a pioneer but most of all an early adopter in the niche focusses we claim to consult. We contribute and work together within our community of professionals. This gives us an advantage of always knowing about the newest market trends


Finding the right candidate for your company can be difficult and mostly time-consuming. This is where UX-house takes action. We help you to find the right candidate within a short amount of time and facilitate the career transition period for both parties. This experience has been optimized throughout trial and error. Our recruitment process is totally streamlined to attract, hire and retain the best professionals for your organization.

Custom made partnerships; because every client requires a different approach

I partner with creative brands and agencies

If you’re interested in growing or evolving your brand, let's talk.

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We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work with the web copy, we want you think about how numbers.